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    International Journal of Interdisciplinary Scientific Research

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Dear Friends,

ICON OF FAITH. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF INTERDISCIPLINARY SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH (IFIJISR) allows access to all readers and promotes scientific research into various fields. This journal was founded to publish high quality and original papers on religion by scholars, regardless of their field of specialization.

ICON OF FAITH. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF INTERDISCIPLINARY SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH, is one which belongs to the Faculty of Orthodox Theology and Education Sciences, “Valahia” University, Târgoviște, Romania.

ICON OF FAITH. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF INTERDISCIPLINARY SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH, seeks affirm the transcendental values of faith and spirituality. This Journal explores the vital interconnections between knowledge, ethics and faith, interdisciplinary evaluated.

The ICON OF FAITH, includes topics like: The Future of Interdisciplinary Research; Christian Political Economy; Unity of the Arts and Sciences; Religious Revival in the Postmodern World; The Family and the World in the 21st Century; Problems of Philosophy, Ethics and Faith; Civil Society and Religion in the 3rd Millennium; Re-Inventing Liberal Arts Education; The Path towards Culture of Life; Science and Religion: Convergence to an Open Society; Globalization &Its Shortcomings; Christianity & Democracy et alia.

This Journal provides a platform for the latest scientific research theological and moral-education, encouraging approaches from different areas and points of view. Therefore, the theme of the journal is, from the beginning, a religious one with a wide opening towards universal cultural values. Our access Journal, through its accessible results of scientific research contributes to an uninterrupted educational process in the contemporary society. Whatever contribution from your side will make an immediate impact on the quality of IFIJISR and will assure the continuity of our journal!

We thank you in advance for your kind support!

Editor PhD. Bugiulescu Marian


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